What do you love when you love your machine?


Machines in Between is a year-long collaboration between artists and philosophers, historians and DJ’s, musicians and poets, biologists, sound engineers, dancers, conservationists. Together, we linger over a simple insight into the increasing entanglement between humans and machines. What is to be done as this entanglement intensifies in strange and familiar ways? 

Our interest in the present technological moment, however, is not one of mere scholarly abstraction. On the contrary, we acknowledge from the beginning that questions concerning technology are questions of living and dying that play out everyday—in the joys and sublime trials, in the triumphs and in the inequities that a head-long rush into a techno-future foster and perpetually incentivize. 

Indeed, how does one respond to this revelation, the categorical slippage between humans and machines? What to make of this slippage in the everyday world of gigging in the digital economy? What happens when our machines become more god-like, and more invisible, than our imaginations of transcendence, omniscience, and ultimate order can handle?

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