Welcome to the Vinyl Church


The Vinyl Church is an interactive installation in which you will become immersed in sound, vision, and vibration. Located at Modern Art in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, from October, 2022 through May 2023, the Vinyl Church will conjure in you a sweet sense of our mechanical surround.

In the middle of the “Vinyl Church” there is an altar made up of a turntable and amplifier. There are speakers.  And there are the records. Hundreds and hundreds of records chosen for their insistence upon another world; chosen for their intensities, desperate demands, and surplus of feeling; chosen for their longing, gnashing, crawling on your knees wailing, for their standing awestruck and bending harmonies. We invite you in to select, spin and listen to the specific albums that speak to you, and to hear the sound of the machines in between.

Keep your eyes and ears on our news items for monthly programming within the VC. From performances to lectures to services and more, the Vinyl Church will provide sanctuary for your senses, bathing them in sound and vision and reviving their capacity to correspond to the machines that make you up and follow you down.

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