Machines in Between will soon make disturbing sense of our present state of saturation. Through sound and spectacle, it will soon ask you to grow differently entangled with machines, their myths and their promise. It will soon invite you to imagine things otherwise.

Made up of a collective of artists, musicians, and writers, Machines in Between is a network phenomenon, a variety show for those bored with hot takes and corpse-cold orthodoxies.

Coming Fall 2022


What do you love when you love your machine?

  • Machines designed to integrate all instances of indeterminacy, empathy, love, death, and critique into their designs. 
  • Machines in between the form and the content.
  • Machines that think about how god-soaked idioms can be translated into algorithms, platforms, and apps.
  • Machines in between sobriety and credulity.
  • Machines that engineer machines that engineer other machines to reveal something about who we are.
  • Machines in between the neon signs and the wet pavement.


Data Point Verbs

🐦 Anthea Butler puts on her Twitter armor
🍒 Emily Ogden ponders the electric-powered vacuum suction breast pump
🖼️ Peter Manseau walks around the Smithsonian collection of religious technology 
💣 Johanna Gosse+Kevin Hamilton monitor the sound of atomic bombs in post-production
👂 Philip Butler reports on the Interstellar Inter-cochlear Implant of Blackness
💬 Mitchell Akiyama has a conversation with his natural language algorithm
🗑️ Maia Kotrosits remembers the ancient trash piles of Bethlehem, PA
🏰 Charles Hirschkind dreams the machinic tyranny of European modernity
🎹 Ashon Crowley hones in on the expression pedal of the Hammond organ
📼 Sylvia Alajaji plays her cassette memories of Tulsa, Oklahoma
🙊 Ann Pellegrini listens for the hum of what cannot be said
🤘 Alireza Doostdar deciphers Satan’s heavy metal communiques 
🤯 Anna Bigelow focuses our attention on the sensationalist ethnographic lens
🍑 Ahmad Greene-Hayes walks by street preachers and sex workers
🤖 Nathan Schneider digs deep into decentralized autonomous organizations
🐄 Rachel Feldman follows the Amish-Hasidic milk trail 
🍆 William Robert systematizes the radical theology of the vibrator 
⚙️ Nicole Heller+Tomas Matza confront the passive aggression of their smart kitchen motors
🔔 Bernard Dionysius Goeghegan unrings the bell
⚔️ Mary Jane Rubenstein+Jenna Supp-Montgomerie consider the rhythms of our colonizing ways
⛰️ Ann Neumann goes digital divining on the Appalachian trail
🎧 M. Cooper Harris listens for the low-down aching notes that overwhelm the circuit board
💊 Mayanthi Fernando takes up MDMA as a memory machine and a portal to other worlds
🌙 Beatrice Marovich+Krista Dragomer disrupt the digital with the logics of the night
🦠 Alison Renna+Lukey Ellsberg explore the life and times of the microbiome
🦉 Superb Owl turns junk into sound
🧠 Jon Rubin + Joseph Del Pesco turn your consciousness into a  non-fungible token
⛓️ Alexis Wells-Oghoghomeh considers the gendered machinery of American slavery
🏎️ Brian Connolly chases after the fast, the furious, the transcendent
🎛️ Angela Zimmerman spins sounds of Civil War
👄 Ari Kelman climbs the Tower of Babble Google Babel
🍼 Rhon Manigault-Bryant conjures the cacophony of life in child sounds
😇 Melissa M. Wilcox asks what lies between the skin and the sacred
🌊  Andrew Aghapour +Ateha Bailly + Shannon Schorey follow the brain wave to the end of the world
🛸 Susannah Crockford corners the conspiracy market
📈 and so much more!

Our Team

3D Gears


Rainbow triangle

Art Direction


Sound Engineering

Nicky Kroll
Mike Newman
Daisy flower

Creative Consultation

Jenny Schulder, Staff Photographer
Cory McAbee, Romantic Scientist
DJ Image,  Sound Ecologist
Teb Locke, Tech Heroics
Brain in a jar

Advisory Board

Courtney Bender, Columbia University
Sylvester Johnson, Virginia Tech University
Lerone Martin, Stanford University
Hillary Kaell, McGill University
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Web design