Machines in Between Trailer

Aired On: Sep 19, 2022
Machines in Between Trailer
ABOUT This Episode

Welcome to Machines in Between. This is a little preview of what to come. The first (of eleven episodes) drops on November 5th. With over a 100 collaborators from around the world, you will soon experience psychic and sonic disturbances that will shake you to your foundations. You will transcend the obstacles. You will encounter the between. You will transgress all that came before. And you will become yourself for the first time.

Funded by the Henry Luce Foundation and the Center for Sustained Engagement with Lancaster, Machines in Between is the first audio series to have been given access to Infinity 88’s patented techniques of headphone spirituality. Every sample is an argument. Every beat is a new theory of the universe.

Join us on November 5 & 6 for the Machines In Between Launch and Grand Opening of the Vinyl Church.

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