Season Finale: Topsy-Turvy

In the season finale of Machines in Between, we find John and Libby getting used to life without the Rosary 1653. As they contemplate whether it is ever possible to be at home in this techno-mediated world, they receive word that Kelvin Trinsel will be stopping by the studio to offer his hearty congratulations. John and Libby spin segments on animate guitars, glucose monitoring, spiritual optimization, water pumps, leaf blowers, and the homes at sea and in space imagined by tech billionaires. When channels within the studio are overrun with noise, all seems to be falling apart. But when Kelvin arrives, new vistas emerge and new conversations begin.  

In the season finale, up is down and you are me and we are thee in this topsy-turvy ride through the loops we make and the loops that are made for us. Featuring an all-star cast, including the Nielsen Family Band, Suus Van Geuns, Alireza Doostdar, Moody Moussavi, Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Jenna Supp-Montgomerie, Charlie McCrary, Fritz Schroeder, Dan Ardia, Courtney Bender, and Cory McAbee.

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